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Photos by Kimi Maruyama

about me


My name is Kimi Maruyama, and I am a people and animal portrait photographer living in Seattle, Washington.

I've lived  what some of my friends call a "nomadic life," residing in many cities across the US and in Japan, but I am ready to retire my cardboard boxes and hand dolly to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest my new home. 

My ultimate goal in a photography session it to capture the spirit of each subject or the occasion. If you contact me, you will notice that I ask you many questions prior to the photo shoot. I find that knowing about you and your occasion as much as possible ahead of the shoot helps me take better pictures.

I am a big animal lover and often spend my days off volunteering at my local shelter to take profile photos for shelter animals, so they have a better chance in getting adopted. I've accumulated a lot of knowledge on animal body language through my experience at these shelters, and my ability to read their non-verbal cues helps me put my non-human models at ease during my pet photography sessions.

Curious about the name Round Mountain Photography? Your clue resides in my last name.


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