TOP-Animals - Photos by KIMI maruyama

Wild and Companion Animal Portraits

Sample animal portraits

  • Darleen

    A 6-year old Terrier mix with only limited vision in her remaining eye.

  • Penny

    I knew right away that the way to capture her heart was through a ball.

  • Bodie

    A true water dog who battled the hose water for half an hour.

  • Winnie

    7-month old Lab mix.

  • Baboon welcoming committee

    Baboons gathered in the vicinity of this bridge every morning just as we would enter the park

  • Cape buffaloes

    One of my favorite pictures from my trip

  • Common warthog

    There is a safari list called the Ugly 5. Compared to the Big 5 list (the most majestic and dangerous animals), the Ugly 5 lists what people think are the least majestic animals. I fell in love with the warthogs and didn't see them as ugly at all

  • Vervet monkeys

    A good groomer must be thorough to ensure no area is missed

  • Leopard

    After walking for a bit, this leopard decided to lay low for a while

  • Thornicroft's giraffe

    Another giraffe, perhaps waiting for us to leave

  • African wild dogs

    Driving a vehicle full of excited tourists, our guide communicated with other guides over the radio to find where the rest of the pack headed. I cannot explain the thrill I felt when we finally caught up with them

  • Lilac breasted roller

    The lilac breasted roller is the national bird of Kenya

  • Marabou stork

    When you spend some time with them, some may find these slow-moving birds charming.

  • Young lions

    The mane, perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of this species, is starting to show, but is less impressive than a fully-grown male's

  • Young lions

    This is a 3-year old male lion sitting on what's called a 'hippo highway.' Hippos emerge from the river at night and forage on higher grounds. Hippos have horrible eye sight, and to ensure safe return back to the river, they spray their dung along the path so they can smell their way back. The dry dung spray doesn't seem to be bothering this lion at all

  • Watering hole: Puku

    Up close, the spiral design of the male puku's horns are even more impressive

  • Watering hole: Waterbucks

    Even though I was trying to be as quiet as could be, I couldn't fool their exceptional hearing

  • Zen frog

    A surprise visitor. My temporary buddy made itself at home on my en suite clothes hanger for over 5 hours. I gave him a name: Zen frog

  • Lions

    After they passed out jeep, the group of 7 lions walked right past the camp's lounge and headed toward the river. What an exhilarating way to end a drive

  • Water transport

    One of the benefits of travelling by boat

  • Parting gift: more elephants

    "The beast which passeth all others in wit and mind" -- Aristotle

  • African elephant

    Learning how to control one's snout can be tough, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. It looks like this little one found one of its eyes

  • African elephant

    To a calf, the space underneath mom may feel the safest

  • Puku

    A male puku. Pukus usually feed early or late in the day, and lounge on the ground during the hotter hours of the day

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